Getting Started

1. All packages are customized to specific needs which starts with a briefing meeting, choice of Services and budget discussions.

2. The scope of works, which can vary greatly, will be outlined in an initial proposal. PLJ Lifestyles agrees to produce a certain amount of work for a set amount of money and the client agrees to pay under certain terms. PLJ Lifestyles is a division of PLJ Marketing.

3. Once a mutual agreement is established, PLJ Lifestyles will submit a Consultancy Agreement for execution, to include TERM,  SERVICES AND PAYMENT, STATUS AS INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, WARRANTIES, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, CONFIDENTIALITY, CONFLICT OF INTEREST, TERMINATION, and INVOICING AND PAYMENT TERMS, and to protect both parties.

4. PLJ Lifestyles will then create the initial timeline with proposed campaigns and assignments. 

5. The timeline and campaigns will be reviewed and updated weekly, or as agreed, in order to stay on track. The timeline can change do to unexpected interruptions. 

6. The final projects will meet with the client's approval prior to release or launch.

7. PLJ Lifestyles will monitor the success and give the feedback to the client.



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