PLJ Lifestyles can assist in everyday Living... Technology, medical document organization, memory fitness, Christ-centered care for difficult times and more!

Communications is a must for Retirement Communities, active lifestyles ensures a sense of purpose. Planning... events, supplemental insurance, financial and more! 

Make LIFESTYLES a priority in Your Community! 

Event Planning


Who said retirement was a time to sit back and relax? We believe it is a time to embrace the things in life that we always wanted to do. Imagine a company with the same mind-set as your community. We are Baby Boomers with specialized skills and we want to share our talents to fulfill dreams. Hire us and we will make a difference!  

Classes and Workshops

Quality Retirement Lifestyles


Just For Fun...Classes include health & wellness, cooking with a Chef, master gardening, Artisan jewelry making, RVing, hunting, fishing, sports talk and more!

Communications, Marketing and Digital Footprint