"The Works" - Digital + Events + Classes

Community Monthly or Quarterly Newsletters* 

          Ads sold separately

Digital Marketing (website optional)


  • Prospect Promotional Events
  • Residents Appreciation Parties


  • "Planning" programs
  • "Living" workshops
  • "Just For Fun" classes

*Printed and mailed newsletters quoted separately

All packages are customized to specific needs which start with a briefing meeting. The scope of works can vary greatly.  

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Partial Packages - Digital or Events

A. Digital Marketing ONLY

  • Website (optional)
  • Newsletters & Surveys
  • Email Marketing 

B. Event Marketing ONLY

  • Annual New Customers Promotion
  • Summer & Winter Residents' Parties
  • Event Marketing 

C. Digital Marketing + Classes/Workshops 

  • Quarterly "Planning" or "Living" courses
  • Monthly "Just For Fun" classes
  • News & Events Marketing

*Printed and mailed newsletters quoted separately

Our Services - Customize Your Own Package

Course/Workshop Options (contact us for updates)



  • Intro to Computers, Internet & Email
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Microsoft Office - Excel, Word & PowerPoint
  • Research & Medical Document Organization
  • Memory Fitness & Brain Health
  • Safety Home Sitting & Handy Man 
  • Stephen Ministers - Christ-centered Care